Our Bed and Breakfast in La Creuse

Find our B&B and self catering apartment in Felletin, a small market town, located 10k from Aubusson, in the department of Creuse, in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine (Limousin) Region of France. 

A chambres (or maison) d’hôtes is smaller, and more personal, than a hotel or an inn. Providing bed and breakfast, we have 2 rooms and an apartment.

Our house is an important part of the history of the town. On the site of one of the gates to the medieval city, it was built by the D’Arfeuille family – who still own a chateau, just outside Felletin. It was built just before the Revolution (the fireplace in room 1 bears the engraved date of 1761) as a presbytery of the Eglise de Château (today deconsecrated and as an exhibition space for tapestries and other important works of art. ). After the revolution, it served as a home for a member of the D’Arfeuille family before being used as the residence of the director of the first building school (built in 1911) for more than half a century. Since then, it was the City Tax Office, and insurance office, before being purchased in 2005 by Andrea and Bruce, who fell in love with the building and the city. Since 2008 Andrea and Bruce have been welcoming guests to their guesthouse.

Breakfast is served in the dining room, or – if you prefer – we can deliver it to your room.

Felletin is known the birthplace of tapestry. Aubusson, 10 kilometers away, has become world famous for its capets and rugs (and there is still some rivalry between the two towns to this day). But it was Felletin who produced the largest tapestry in the world (the Glory of Christ in Coventry Cathedral). The use of water from the River Creuse has also been used, in Felletin for papermaking and even diamond cutting. The inhabitants of Felletin, like the rest of the Creuse, are renowned for their building skills and there has been a building school in Felletin since 1911. Currently a high school, on the outskirts of the city, it attracts students from all over France. The first building school was built next to our house – now this building is used to produce tapestries using a digital loom.

To make a reservation – or request availability of B&B rooms, or the self catering apartment –  you can email us 3placedesarbres@gmail.com or call us on 0033 555665229

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